Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing, with Nancy Burns, is a process that creates an overview of an individual’s life experience.  A session with Nancy will reveal a deeper understanding of what (and why) is showing up in an individual’s life.  Much of physical, emotional, and/or situational pain is a result of unhealed experience(s) from the past. A healing session uses information gleaned from intuitively scanning an individual’s physical body, energy field,  subconscious mind and higher guidance.

This information will then give one a knowing as to why he or she is experiencing pain and/or discomfort in the body, a lack of flow in our physical lives with prosperity love and abundance, or why we may be experiencing any kind of emotional distress.

Nancy begins this process as if peeling an onion by first starting in the outer layers of one’s energetic field and completes a energetic assessment by scanning the energy body.  She then intuitively scans the physical body systemically scanning each bodily system for illness, blockages, deficiencies, infections and anything else that may be triggering pain, illness or discomfort in the physical body, she can then make assessments based on intuitive readings that she finds.

As much of what is showing up in one’s life is triggered by unhealed experience held in the subconscious mind, Nancy initiates a thorough subconscious assessment that includes the balancing of inner male and female selves.

After the initial assessment is completed, Nancy shares her findings that will offer an understanding of what an individual is experiencing in their life.  By working with this information we together facilitate powerful shifts both physically and emotionally.

Those shifts will then trickle into all parts of an individual’s life. Those working with Nancy can experience benefits such as:

  • The understanding between the physical body and thoughts (unhealed trauma)
  • Healing anger, anxiety, and depression
  • Healthier relationships
  • Increased flow of prosperity & abundance
  • An enhanced life experience
  • An understanding of one’s true self and true purpose in life
  • The ability to feel higher guidance
  • Increase in one’s natural intuitive abilities
  • Greater peace of mind

Nancy looks forward to seeing you.  Please contact her if you are interested in setting up a private/group session. Sessions can be completed either in person or remotely via Skype.