Heart Rose Meditation

The heart rose meditation is a powerful meditation to receive a greater flow of abundance in your life.

– Breathe deeply
– Bring awareness to heart
– Picture fleshy red heart
– Compare heart to rose bud (pure, innocent, trusting)
– Imagine rose bud blossoming and unfurling its petals
– Open to receive all of the love and gratitude of the universe
– Share that love and gratitude
– Stay in that place for awhile
– Feel your heart opening

Tap into your heart regularly during the day.

This meditation can be used in forgiveness work by picturing individuals or experiences flowing into the heart rose while opening to receive all of the love and gratitude from the universe.

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Sound Breathing

Sound breathing utilizes sound to move energy up through the chakras from the root to the crown.

– Begin by taking a large in breath to begin each chakra.
– Focus attention on the chakra.
– Visualize each chakra open in front and back and spinning in a clockwise manner.
– Vividly picture the color and make the long continuous sound on the outbreath.
– Hold the sound as long as comfortably possible without repeating.

Apply the above process to each of the following chakras:

– root – red – sound aah (safety)
– sacral – orange – sound ooh (creativity)
– solar plexus – yellow – sound o (will power)
– heart – green – sound u (love)
– throat – blue – sound e (voice)
– third eye – violet – sound sunnnn (intuition)
– crown – creamy white – sound summmm (divinity)
– above – ohm

(another version replaces the sounds with Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om, Om, Om – in same order)

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Thank you!

Thank you for inquiring about my offerings.  I offer an array of classes, workshops and hold individual healing sessions in person and via Skype. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Deep appreciation and gratitude to all of you who have crossed my path.

Thank you. Love,


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