Clients of Nancy Speak About Their Experiences…


Nancy has given me a whole new understanding of the emotional mechanics of the human body; how it not only records energetic data, but specifically ‘receives’ energetic information as well. She has been a powerful energy healer to me and her work has without question elevated my massage practice. I feel fortunate to have found her.

Nancylee Spears

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.33.19 AMNancy Burns is an incredible person, inside and out.  She has an intrinsic spiritual knowledge that encourages personal growth and healing.  Just being in the same space with her gives me an overwhelming sense of peace, and connection to my higher self.  I have grown so much because of her, and consider her a wonderful teacher and mentor.

Linda Kolarov

Rosemary AndrewsNancy changed my life. She helped me get around so many self imposed obstacles that were blocking the flow of my own life sustaining energy. So many things that she said resonated with me on a very deep level. I have integrated  many of her teachings into my daily personal practice. I feel blessed to have had her for a teacher and friend.

Rosemary Andrews


Nancy has been the most incredible friend and teacher for me in my life.  She is a blessing to all who meet her.  Her talents, skills and abilities are unmatched.  While taking her Intuitive Healing series I discovered so many connections between my body and my emotions – it was amazing.  Nancy has helped me through some really rough patches and is always a beautiful ray of light.  I am so grateful for her!

Marni Blythe Borelli


My first healing session with Nancy was over Skype. The year was 2011 and I was living in Italy. From then, until now, every single session has allowed me to heal and grow. It has been a gentle peeling of layers, free from old karmic burdens that kept repeating themselves. “Seeing is freeing,” says Nancy. And so it has been. A fantastic teacher, an accurate medical intuitive, and a compassionate healer with a crisp voice that rings with truth, Nancy continues to help me move forward in a wholesome way. My learnings with Nancy have been nothing short of transformative and I am ever so grateful.

Lav Chintapalli

I had the pleasure of attending both private and group sessions with Nancy. Her gentle, caring approach made each experience wonderful. She creates a safe, comfortable environment in which to express feelings and ultimately heal. Nancy’s intuitive healing is far better, in so many than traditional therapy. I’d recommend her to young and old … make the appointment. Free your spirit!   —   KathyLynn Gariboldi

I went to Nancy because I felt I was at a crossroads with my job, but she did far more than help me sort through that issue. Her amazing insights, loving kindness, and judgment-free instruction have led me to become a new person. I am now self-aware, self-confident, less critical and more accepting of myself and others, more outgoing, and free of the bitterness, anger, and fear that had shaped my world view for so long. My physical health has improved dramatically as well. Gone are the digestive and dermatological issues, the insomnia, and the allergies that had plagued me for more than fifteen years. I feel connected to the Divine and am full of joy and gratitude, and it is all thanks to Nancy. She has truly changed my life.   —   Kelly Bolz